Can You Get Invisalign With Wisdom Teeth?

Dec 30, 20231318 Views

When it comes to straightening your teeth, braces and Invisalign are two of the most common options. But while braces just involve metal wires and brackets, Invisalign uses acrylic trays that are molded according to the shape of your teeth. This can sometimes cause confusion, especially if you still have your wisdom teeth intact. Most […]

Is It Possible for Invisalign to Fix an Open Bite?

Dec 15, 20231389 Views

A misaligned bite can create numerous problems in your day-to-day life. Be it in terms of speaking, eating, or self-confidence. Dentists typically suggest getting an orthodontic surgery to fix the bite. However, when it comes to treating an open bite, one of the best modern methods is Invisalign. Not only does it look elegant and […]

How Soon Can You Wear Dentures After Extraction?

Nov 30, 2023790 Views

Dentures are known for the ease and comfort they bring, especially to those with missing teeth. However, most people associate dentures with older people, but that is simply not true. People of all ages can use dentures to replace their weak or lost teeth. Sometimes, your teeth might need to be extracted before you can […]

The Total Cost of Full Dentures: What to Expect?

Nov 15, 20231188 Views

Looking to restore your smile with dentures but aren’t sure how much they cost? Look no further! In this blog, you will find an in-depth guide on the cost of full dentures. So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to read until the very end and schedule an appointment with a trusted orthodontist today! […]

Hanging Wisdom Teeth Stitches: Here’s Why

Oct 30, 20231795 Views

Having loose wisdom teeth stitches can cause real discomfort. This may cause an urge in you to touch your stitches but we warn you, DON’T! It is common to feel discomfort, especially if a nerve is inflamed or irritated. There could be several underlying reasons why your stitches may hang loose after a wisdom tooth […]

How to Know if You Need a Root Canal | 10 Obvious Signs

Oct 15, 20231983 Views

You generally only need a root canal when your tooth is almost at the point of giving up. That is to say, when the pulp inside the tooth gets infiltrated by the bacteria and leads to an infection, that is when a root canal is ideal. This is especially because the entire purpose of a […]

How Do Veneers Really Work? | Here’s What You Need to Know!

Sep 30, 2023810 Views

Dental veneers are all the rage these days. Almost every celebrity and influencer has them to boost their smiles. But while veneers are a great way to cover the spots and blemishes on your teeth, there are other purposes of the treatment as well. For instance, if you have misshapen teeth or there are big […]

Tooth Extraction Aftercare: How Does Saltwater Help With Healing?

Sep 15, 2023191 Views

After having gone through a tooth extraction, the last thing you want to do is eat, drink, or put anything inside your mouth. However, as unappealing as it may seem, a saltwater rinse is just what you need to keep the extraction site clean and bacteria-free. Despite being a simple practice, mixing a tablespoon of […]

Should I See an Emergency Dentist for Tooth Sensitivity?

Sep 12, 2023159 Views

Drinking a glass of water or sipping on hot soup can be a painful experience if you have tooth sensitivity. Under normal circumstances, this type of dental problem could be easily addressed by making an appointment with your emergency dentist; however, due to COVID-19, the severity of your problem will determine if you are “eligible” […]

How Long Do Veneers Really Last?

Aug 30, 2023180 Views

Everyone wishes they had straight white teeth and a pretty smile. But sadly, as you grow up, time starts affecting your pearly whites in numerous ways. From weakening the enamel to easily getting stained, there are a lot of problems that can disrupt your smile. However, in the world of modern dentistry, Veneers are a […]



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