Do I Need A Root Canal? Warning Signs To Lookout For

April 15, 2024

When one or more of your teeth become significantly infected, your dentist may recommend root canal treatment. It can help preserve your natural teeth and prevent extraction. If you haven’t had routine dental checkups, it is important to be familiar with the warning signs that may indicate the need for a root canal. The earlier you get the treatment, the better the odds of saving your teeth.

Signs That You Need A Root Canal


This is one of the most prominent signs of an infected tooth. Once the protective enamel layer is breached, the oral bacteria can reach the tooth pulp, causing inflammation. This may result in persistent pain and discomfort. If you notice the pain getting severe when you bite down, it may indicate the need for a root canal.

Tooth Sensitivity

When the pulp of your tooth becomes involved, it may feel extra sensitive to hot and cold substances. You may feel a sudden sensation when you take a sip of hot coffee or a spoonful of ice cream. In some cases, the sensitivity may be triggered by touching or biting on the tooth. This indicates that the tooth is extremely tender and requires immediate treatment.

Damage To The Tooth

Minor damage to the tooth, such as a chip or crack, does not necessarily indicate that you need a root canal. However, it is a sign that your tooth pulp may be in danger of an infection. Leaving it untreated may threaten the health and viability of your tooth. Your dentist will assess the damage and decide if you will benefit from an endodontic treatment.

Changes in Tooth Color

Have you noticed a tooth turning gray or black in the shade? This is particularly more noticeable after a dental trauma or physical injury. While some degree of tooth discoloration is common, a severely discolored tooth may indicate a pulp infection. You may also notice pus discharge from the tooth.

Gum Swelling

A tooth infection can also impact the surrounding gum tissues. Swollen or inflamed gums around a particular tooth may suggest that there is an underlying issue. Keep an eye out for any small bumps or pimples on your gums. These signs may also indicate the need for root canal treatment.

Bad Breath

Bad breath can occur due to various reasons, including tooth infection. If one or more of your teeth are infected, it can cause an unpleasant odor and foul taste in your mouth. This type of bad breath may not be suppressed with home remedies and requires professional help.

Final Words

The best way to determine if you need a root canal treatment is to visit a trusted dental professional. At The Dental People, our qualified dentists will thoroughly analyze your teeth to determine if you can benefit from a root canal. Call us today at (281) 769-7648 to schedule a consultation.



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