Don’t Lose Your 2022 Dental Insurance Benefits!

September 26, 2022

If you’re like most people these days, you need your paycheck to go as far as possible to keep up with inflation. Every dollar matters, and you want to make sure it’s being spent wisely. However, if you have insurance through your job and don’t use it in the next couple of months, you’ll lose your dental insurance benefits. The world of insurance can be a little confusing, so keep reading to learn how it works and how to use your coverage to the fullest!

How Dental Insurance Works

When you pay your monthly premiums, you are entitled to receive services that the insurance company will pay for. But you need to “use or lose” your dental insurance benefits, what exactly does that mean? Insurance works on the calendar year, i.e., it resets on January 1. Whatever covered services you don’t take advantage of do not carry over. If you don’t use them before December 31, you cannot access them later on. In other words, you lose them and waste money.

What Dental Insurance Covers

Although specific policies can differ in the exact coverage, many insurance plans cover most, if not all, the cost of dental checkups and cleanings. Some may also include fluoride treatments and X-rays, but others don’t. For minor work, like dental fillings, coverage can range from 70 to 80 percent, which means you’ll need to pay between 20 and 30 percent of the total cost yourself. Major restorative services, like root canals, crowns, bridges, and dentures are usually half covered, leaving you with the other half of the cost out-of-pocket.

Understanding the breakdown of benefits can help you make smarter choices and get the most value from your plan!

Prevention Is Key

If you want to maximize your insurance dollars, you need to focus on the procedures that are completely covered—preventive services. Your dental checkups and cleanings may not initially seem significant, but they are!

When you visit your dentist every six months, they check for decay or damage to your teeth, and if they find a problem, they can take care of it early on. Without early detection and treatment, the issue will only get worse and cost you and the insurance company more money to fix.

Also at this preventive appointment, your teeth are thoroughly and professionally cleaned, meaning that hardened plaque is removed, substantially reducing your risk of decay in the future.

In the end, you still have several months to take care of your second dental visit this year. It’s not too late to take advantage of your insurance benefits and keep your teeth and gums strong. As a result, you can skip the expense of severe dental issues and actually use the coverage you pay for. Even in hard economic times, you can have a healthy smile.

About the Practice

The Dental People is privileged to have two skilled dentists on staff.Dr. John Siu and Dr. Caroline Girgius have years of advanced training but encourage patients to make the most of their dental insurance. We are in-network with most plans, enabling more of our patients to enjoy savings. If you would like to schedule an appointment with us, you may request one here or call our Katy office at this phone number: (281) 769-7648.

Don’t Lose Your 2022 Dental Insurance Benefits!



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