Hanging Wisdom Teeth Stitches: Here’s Why

October 30, 2023

Having loose wisdom teeth stitches can cause real discomfort. This may cause an urge in you to touch your stitches but we warn you, DON’T! It is common to feel discomfort, especially if a nerve is inflamed or irritated.
There could be several underlying reasons why your stitches may hang loose after a wisdom tooth extraction. And therefore you may be in a state of constant uneasiness. Here’s what you need to know about hanging wisdom teeth stitches.

What to Expect?

Stitches that hang loosely after a wisdom tooth extraction may sound alarming. However, the situation may not be as serious as it may seem. Below are a few things you can expect and understand why it is causing you feel uneasy.

  1. Know that it’s Just a Phase
    Calm down. There’s no need to panic just yet. Your stitches are not escaping from their place. It is just part of their natural healing process that they hang loose. Wisdom teeth stitches are typically dissolvable which means that they are designed in a way that over time, as your surgical site heals, they disappear.
  2. It’s Gross. Isn’t it?
    It’s almost a dramatic process, really. Your mouth is a bustling hub of activity, with saliva, movement, and all kinds of germs. As your stitches dissolve, they might seem to hang down or even fall out completely. You might even spot them in your mouth or on your tongue (eww, right?). But rest assured, this is perfectly normal. These stitches are made to gradually disappear as your body mends itself.
  3. Let Healing Take Its Course
    Let’s break down the stages of wisdom teeth healing for a moment. Right after the surgery, the stitches serve as your mouth’s temporary security team. They hold everything in place and help reduce the risk of infection. But as the surgical site heals and your gums begin to close on their own, the stitches are like, “Our job here is done.” They loosen up and prepare for their grand exit.

Here’s What You Can Do

The good news is that you can take some precautionary measures to ensure that those stitches don’t create any real drama. Here are a few tips you can use to overcome discomfort.

  1. Practice Improved Oral Hygiene
    Continue rinsing your mouth with warm salt water. This will help keep the surgical site clean and reduce the risk of infection. Plus, it’s a little comforting to know that you’re taking care of your mouth during the healing process.
  2. Don’t Touch!
    Resist the urge to mess with the hanging stitches. I know it’s tempting to play with them, but don’t. Pulling or tugging on them can lead to complications that you want to avoid.
  3. Take Care of Your Teeth
    Only you can ensure proper care and nurturing of your teeth. Avoid food that may irritate your surgical site. Try not reaching it out with your tongue as most people feel the urge to do so.

Your Dentist Knows Better

Trust your dentist and believe in what they tell you. Your dentist or oral surgeon would give you post-operative instructions. Stick to them like glue. These instructions are like a roadmap for a smooth recovery. They know what they’re talking about, so follow their advice to the letter.
If you are looking for an oral healthcare provider to consult the issue, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with experts at The Dental People. Just dial (281) 769-7648 or find them at 1530 W Grand Pkwy S, Katy, TX 77494.



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