Why You Should Avoid Mail-In Aligners

January 08, 2021

Living with a misaligned smile can not only negatively impact your oral health, but it can also lower your self-esteem. While there are many orthodontic solutions currently available (i.e., traditional braces, Invisalign), there are also companies promoting mail-in clear aligners. Although these may seem more cost-effective and convenient, what you may not realize is that they can cause more harm than good. Read on to learn what dangers you can face by choosing to straighten your smile on your own instead of seeking the help of a licensed orthodontist.

The Pitfalls of Mail-In Aligners

With mail-in aligners, you receive an in-home impression kit, which you complete and return. Within weeks, you receive a series of custom aligners and detailed instructions explaining how long to wear each one. Because these kits are considerably cheaper than traditional braces or Invisalign, they are often an eye-catching option for budget-conscious individuals. However, if you find you are on the verge of trying one of the many companies that offer these mail-in solutions, consider the possible dangers you might face:

  • You won’t see an orthodontist for an initial exam.It’s necessary that your smile be examined before moving forward with clear aligners, as you may not be a prime candidate for effective treatment. An orthodontist can recommend safe solutions that will ensure a healthy, beautiful smile. Mail-in aligner companies don’t bother to check if you have tooth decay, gum disease, or another dental problem that could significantly damage your smile as it attempts to straighten.
  • If a problem occurs, there’s no one to turn to.An orthodontist can monitor your progress when wearing Invisalign aligners, but mail-in aligners offer no supervision should something go wrong. Instead, you may be left with a bite that is ruined because of the development of gum disease.
  • Your teeth could look worse than before.That’s right, you could be faced with a more damaged smile than when you started treatment. Why? Because these mail-in aligners may not fit properly, or they might cause your teeth to shift too quickly. There are actual cases of individuals whose teeth have fallen out because of these mail-in solutions.
  • You could spend more money in the long run.Yes, mail-in aligners are more affordable upfront; however, if they damage your teeth and cause additional problems with your bite, you will need an orthodontist to fix these issues, resulting in even more money spent.

Why Invisalign is Best

Opting to go with Invisalign will ensure you not only have a licensed and trained orthodontist overseeing your treatment, but you’ll also rest easier knowing your aligners are custom-made to guarantee a perfect fit that produces positive, life-changing results. With Invisalign, you can feel confident about the future of your oral health and overall aesthetic.

While you will be required to see your orthodontist for follow-up appointments, these visits are quick and are necessary to ensure no issues are developing that could hinder or delay your results.

Will you pay more for Invisalign? Yes. Will you need to make time to see your orthodontist? Yes. The truth is that these factors are worth the time, money, and effort if you want straighter teeth the right way. So, skip out on the mail-in aligners and let the real professionals give you the smile you deserve that will last a lifetime.

About the Author
The Dental People of Katy, TX, is locally owned and operated. As dedicated dental professionals, we are trained and experienced at straightening smiles using the most advanced solutions available. Offering Invisalign to patients looking to improve their appearance and oral health in a more discreet way, we can ensure a safe and effective treatment that will produce long-lasting, life-changing results. If you are ready to do something about your crooked, overcrowded, or gapped smile, contact us at (281) 769-7648.

Why You Should Avoid Mail-In Aligners



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