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Dr. Caroline Girgius

Get to Know Dr. Caroline Girgius

Dr. Girgius has been practicing dentistry since 2010, and she’s proud to have done so all over the world (including Egypt, England, and the United States). Her goal with each patient is to bridge the gap between their expectations and her experience, ensuring they know exactly what to expect throughout their journey toward a straight and healthy smile. She looks forward to meeting with you and showing you what is possible for you or your child, and below, you can learn a little more about her background.

Where Did You Study Orthodontics?

Dr. Girgius’ college education began at Ain Shams University in Egypt, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in dentistry and graduated with honors. She then made her way to the Royal College of Dental Surgeons in England to further her training and ultimately earned her master’s degree in oral biology at the University of California, Los Angeles. She stayed at UCLA to complete her specialty education in orthodontics and is now a board-certified orthodontist.

Always striving to learn more, Dr. Girgius is currently a member of the:

  • American Association of Orthodontists
  • Edward H. Angle Society
  • International Association for Orthodontics

Question About Meet Dr Girgius?

Outside of the Dental Office, What Do You Like to Do?

When she isn’t at the office, Dr. Girgius likes to paint, do Pilates, and swim (she actually coached synchronized swimming for two years). She is also a big traveler, but at the same time, loves being at home with family and friends.

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