Metal-Free Dental Restorations in Katy, TX

Eliminating Metal to Repair Smiles

Do you want people to stare at your smile because of its beauty or all the metal it contains? While silver and gold on a bracelet or necklace are fine for noticing, the likelihood that you want people commenting on your dental work that bears the same metal is highly unlikely. At The Dental People, our team can offer a safe and effective alternative to traditional amalgam – metal-free dental restorations in our Katy, TX dental office. Not only will you have a beautifully blended and seamless smile, but you’ll also be free of any toxic materials that are harmful to your body and environment. Contact us today if you’re ready to make the switch or inquire more about these new and innovative treatment methods.

Why Choose The Dental People for Metal-Free Dental Restorations?


Hypoallergenic And Biocompatible Solutions


Customized To Match Your Natural Tooth Color, Size, And Shape


An Alternative Treatment For Individuals With Metal Sensitivities

Why Are Metal-Free Dental Restorations Used and When?

Why Are Metal-Free Dental Restorations Used and When?

There are various reasons why your dentist in Katy might choose to use metal-free restorations. Whether it is dental crowns, fillings, inlays, onlays, or dental bridges, we can create beautiful prosthetics that blend in with your smile and offer a natural appearance.

Depending on your situation, a metal-free restoration might be used to:

  • Fill in a cavity using composite resin
  • Protect a weakened tooth plagued by decay or damage
  • Improve your tooth’s structural integrity
  • Eliminate cosmetic flaws for an improved appearance
  • Replace missing teeth along an arch

During an initial consultation with one of our expert dentists, they will determine which type of metal-free restoration is best for your smile. After examining and discussing your options, you can trust that your smile will be repaired using only the safest, most effective materials available.

What Are the Benefits of Metal-Free Dental Restorations?

What Are the Benefits of Metal-Free Dental Restorations?

  • Improved appearance
  • Boost in confidence
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Biocompatible
  • Longer lasting
  • Greater functionality and strength
  • Durable

Question About Metal Free Restorations?

What Can I Expect During the Process?

What Can I Expect During the Process?

Depending on your case, the process for receiving a metal-free restoration can vary.

Tooth-Colored Fillings
Only requires one visit to our dental office; our team will quickly clear out the decayed portion of your tooth and remove any debris. Filling it with composite resin matched to your natural tooth color will create a solid seal to prevent reinfection or future damage. This will improve your tooth’s structural integrity and allow full functioning when eating, chewing, and speaking.

Tooth-Colored Dental Crowns
If a filling is not enough to properly protect your weakened tooth, a customized dental crown will most likely be the suggested solution. Requiring two dental appointments, you will first start by having a member of our team clean and remove the damaged areas of your tooth before sealing it with composite resin. Once it is hardened, we will file down your tooth to ensure your prosthetic properly fits when placed.
We will take impressions of your tooth, which will be sent to a dental laboratory where technicians will build your new crown. After a few weeks, you’ll return to have your temporary crown removed (placed during the first appointment) before your finalized restoration is cemented into place.

Aftercare Instructions

Aftercare Instructions

Once you have your metal-free restoration placed, it will be important for you to take proper care of your smile. Not only will this prevent additional damage or decay from developing, but it will also prevent stains from occurring and causing your smile to look discolored.

Some tips to follow include:

  • Maintaining a good oral hygiene routine of brushing twice daily for two minutes, flossing at least once daily, and rinsing with an antimicrobial mouthwash.
  • Avoid eating hard, crunchy foods, as these can damage your restoration.
  • Avoid chewing on the side of your restoration for a day or so.
  • Limit or avoid stain-causing foods and beverages, as these can cause discoloration.
  • Keep any follow-up or regularly scheduled dental appointments with our team.
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