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The Dental People

1530 West Grand Parkway South

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Ceramic crowns are beautiful and can restore damaged teeth predictably when designed by an experienced dentist and dental laboratory. Here at the Dental People we utilize advanced software, photography and experienced clinicians in helping our patients achieve reliable results.

In addition to the small and worn teeth in this case, misaligned teeth can be transformed into breathtaking smiles without braces in some cases. See below.

before and after

Emergency Dentistry

Dental Emergencies can occur at anytime. Our dentists are compassionate people and will render same-day treatment in the event of an emergency. Trust us to take care of you every time. Patients below were treated in less than an hour after their accident. No smile and dental problem is too small for our Dental Team.

emergency dentistry

Ceramic Crowns

Sometimes fillings are not the right answer to addressing a dental problem and a crown is necessary. We understand that some patients fear crowns because they may be bulky, the wrong color and shape. Here's why you don't have to worry. Dr. John Siu and Dr. Eva Izu are experienced clinicians that have been serving the Katy community for over 15 years combined. Trust them to deliver you exceptional results that will fit your budget and have you smiling your best every time. Four ceramic crowns helped straighten, whiten and repair teeth belonging to our beautiful patient.

ceramic crowns

Cosmetic Fillings

Bonded Fillings or "white fillings" can be used to fill cavities or correct imperfections. Not only do we provide general and preventative dentistry, but we also provide a range of cosmetic procedures. Below our patient was able to have her white 'demineralized' imperfections removed on 4 teeth and conservatively restored. Results were life changing and required no anesthetic!

cosmetic fillings

Smile Beautifully with Dr. John Siu

Dr. Siu is an experienced Dentist in Katy creating Beautiful and Natural smiles.

Cosmetic Consultations are Free.

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