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No one wants to be told that they need teeth extracted, but remember that Dr. Siu and his team do everything they can to avoid extracting teeth if they can. Keeping natural teeth is always ideal, but sometimes teeth become so damaged that they become unsalvageable and put neighboring teeth in danger. When you’re told that you need a tooth extracted, you can expect optimal comfort, precise treatment, and a dedicated team to create a path to restore your smile. Call our dental office today to protect your oral health with tooth extractions in Katy, TX!

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What is the Tooth Extraction Process?

What is the Tooth Extraction Process?

When teeth are visible, it’s much easier for our dentists to remove them from the jaw. However, if the tooth is trapped underneath gum tissue or another tooth, an incision will be made inside the gum tissue to access it. Sometimes, it is more effective to break the tooth into smaller pieces and remove them that way. Before starting treatment, you’ll be given a local anesthetic to remove any discomfort and sedation if requested. Then, we’ll use an elevator to gently remove the tooth from the periodontal ligament, holding it in place. Once broken, dental forceps will be used to grab and remove the tooth.

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