Why Traditional Braces Are Sometimes the Best Option

April 02, 2022

When it comes to modern orthodontics, there are now many safe and effective methods for correcting crooked teeth and restoring compromised smiles! However, nothing remains quite as tried and true as traditional braces. For generations, these metal brackets and wires have remedied countless smiles while also causing countless embarrassing photos! That said, there’s a reason for this method still being around today; there are still many benefits to traditional braces when compared to some of the newer alternatives. Keep reading to learn about four reasons why traditional braces are still sometimes the best available option.

1. You Can’t Remove Them

Although many alternative orthodontic treatments, like clear aligners, are convenientbecausethey can be removed, the fact that traditional braces are irremovable actually works to your advantage. Your braces will remain firmly attached to your teeth for the duration of your treatment, and your orthodontist will occasionally tighten them for you. This means the responsibility that falls on you is significantly decreased! While you do have to dedicate extra time towards taking care of your teeth, you don’t have to remove your braces like you’d remove clear aligners. This means there’s zero chance of you misplacing them or not wearing them often enough!

2. They Can Correct More Problems

Depending on your individual needs, clear aligners might not be a suitable treatment option, as they are limited in what they can correct. Clear aligners can correct crooked teeth and over- or under-bites like traditional braces, but the latter have many additional applications including the ability to raise certain teeth to match the heights of others. They can also fix the midline of your teeth or correct large gaps. Additionally, some dental work such as bridges can prevent you from using clear aligners, making traditional braces the only viable option.

3. They Are Usually More Affordable

Generally speaking, orthodontic treatment usually isn’t cheap; however, traditional braces are often cheaper and/or more cost-effective than options like Invisalign. Although the rates depend on factors including location and insurance coverage, both traditional braces and clear aligners are usually covered under orthodontia benefits. There’s also the cost of things such as broken or lost aligners, which add more value to traditional braces in that those costs simply aren’t present!

4. They’re Great for All Ages

Many adults opt for clear aligners like Invisalign because they’re subtle, convenient, and don’t require a mouthful of metal. Invisalign is also suitable for teenagers—but not young children; they must seek traditional braces for orthodontic treatment. It is also important to note that prolonging orthodontic treatment is never advisable. Seeking traditional braces at an earlier age can prevent other oral health problems from developing later in life.

Even though they aren’t always the prettiest or most convenient orthodontic treatment option, traditional braces can still get the job done! Talk with your orthodontist if you’re curious about traditional braces as a solution for your compromised smile; there are many great benefits to this option!

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