Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Katy, TX

Prevent Oral Complications By Removing Problematic Wisdom Teeth

Between the ages of 17 and 25, extra teeth can start to erupt behind the back molars. These teeth, also known as third molars or “wisdom teeth,” can erupt without causing problems at first. However, it’s quite rare for their eruption to not eventually lead to problems later, including misalignment or an oral infection. Suppose you’re noticing pain in the back of the mouth and aren’t sure why; it could be caused by your wisdom teeth erupting and your other teeth shifting to accommodate them. The Dental People are experts in wisdom tooth extractions in Katy, TX, so don’t wait to call our dental office if your wisdom teeth start to appear!

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Why is a Wisdom Tooth Extraction Needed?

Why is a Wisdom Tooth Extraction Needed?

Wisdom teeth may have been useful in the past when oral care wasn’t as well-practiced and keeping a balanced diet was incredibly difficult. Nowadays, they cause more harm than they help, often leading to chronic tooth pain, a higher risk for infections, teeth misalignment, and crowding. Those with jaw pain or swelling, red, tender, or swollen gums, and chronic bad breath may need to have their wisdom teeth removed. During your visit, we’ll ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. Our sedation services can also help put you at ease if you struggle to receive dental care due to anxiety, fear, or other reasons.

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